Mango exports from Rajshahi to European markets rising

Our Correspondent | Published: May 28, 2018 22:09:08 | Updated: May 29, 2018 11:29:35

Rajshahi mangoes are being exported to a number of countries. To produce pesticide-free and quality mangoes, farmers of the area are using ‘fruit bagging process’ to save the fruit from the pest attack and keep the texture of the fruit fresh and natural.

The fruit bagging process in mango is gradually being popular among mango farmers of Bagha upazila, a major mango producing upazila of the district. Upazila administration of Bagha was also regularly supervising the mango orchards to ensure production of quality mangoes there.

The mangoes of Bagha being very good in taste, texture and quality,  those were now being exported to various countries including England, The Nederlands, Sweden, Norway, Portugal, France and Russia. The export of mangoes started through joint venture of Hotex Foundation and DAE of Bagha under the supervision of the World Health Organisation.

On last Friday, various types of mangoes at the orchard of Shafiqul Islam Chhana were processed through fruit bagging. From last year, mangoes are being produced throgh fruit bagging process in this orchard. The mango processed through fruit bags are sold at a comparatively higher price. He further said, the fruit bagging process also saves the mango from various natural catastrophes like excessive rain and storm and a fruit bagged mango does not damaged by being hit with branches during storm.

Sabina Begum, upazila agrciulture officer of Bagha, said there was no alternative to fruit bagging process if mango is exported abroad.

She said the fruit bagging process keeps mango fresh, free from insects, rain and hot-sunshine. The mango produced through fruit bagging process being free from insecticide, it has a good demand among the importers. The mango produced through fruit bagging process needs no insecticide to be sprayed.

She further said this year, mango has been produced on 8,368 hectares of land. Already there was demand of 200 tonnes of fruit bagged mango. Last year, mango was exported in eight European countries, and she hoped, this year the fruit will be exported in more countries.

Shahin Reza, UNO of Bagha upazila, said the export of quality mango from Bagha is increasing day by day. He expressed the hope that this year farmers of Bagha will be successful in exporting mango like that of last year. A huge enthusiasm is being noticed among mango farmers to export the fruit. Upazila administration was regularly supervising the mango orchards aiming at producing quality mango.

The farmers were now conscious and they were following the schedule of plucking mangoes from the orchards. According to the schedule the Guti mango is being plucked from May 20, Gopalbhog from May 25, Himsagar, Khirsapat and Laxmanbhog mangoes will be plucked from May 28,  Lakna will be plucked from  June 1, Fazli mango will be plucked from June 15 and the Ashina mango will be plucked from July 1.

He further mentioned, 50 mango orchard owners have been listed and were given certificates after giving them training on 'Production of safe and insecticide free mango through better farm management'. Samples of some of mangoes produced through these farmers were tested in the laboratory of BSTI in Dhaka to ensure those were pesticide and toxic chemical free.

A team from the Ministry of Commerce has already visited the mango orchards in Bagha. For the third time, mangoes of this upazila will be exported abroad.

There is a significant potential of increase of mango export from this upazila as well as mango producing districts like Natore, Rajshahi and Chapainawabganj.

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