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Netrakona Modern Hospital not ready for coronavirus treatment

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NETRAKONA: The coronavirus situation has been continuing for a long year. Netrakona Modern Hospital iscompletely unprepared to treat corona patients. Infection has been on the rise again.

But the central oxygen system has not been introduced in this 100-bed district headquarters hospital even today. There is no ventilator. There is not an ICU bed. There is also a shortage of specialist doctors. There is a kind of panic among the people of the district in the current situation as there are no such measures necessary for emergency treatment.

It is learnt that the modern Sadar Hospital of the district is the only government hospital in the city. Apart from the district headquarters, emergency patients of nineupazilas also depend on this hospital for better treatment. Although the hospital has already been upgraded to 100 beds, it is still operating with a manpower of 50 beds.

At the beginning of the coronavirus situation last year, the corona ward was started with 36 beds in the hospital. But there are only 36 beds, only three pulse oximeters and 11 oxygen concentrators. Although oxygen-supply is essential for patients with asthma, central oxygen supply has not yet been introduced throughout the hospital. Although the Public Works Department has approved a project to launch Central Oxygen, its activities have not started yet.

In addition, two ventilator machines have recently been provided for the hospital, but due to lack of anesthetists and medical specialists and central oxygen, it has not been possible to introduce them. There is no ICU bed in the whole hospital. There is also a lack of high flow nasal canola.

Meanwhile, the medical services of the entire hospital are running with only one ambulance. Most of the time the patient has to call a private ambulance due to high pressure. The hospital also has a shortage of cleaning staff and third and fourth grade staff. The pressure is being handled by bringing employees from the upazila hospitals.

Asked about this, the caretaker of the hospital, Dr. A.S.M Mahbubur Rahman, said, "It will take more time to introduce the central oxygen system." At least three anesthetists and at least one medical specialist are needed to turn on the two ventilators.

Another doctor, speaking on condition of anonymity, said: "For the time being, a few high-flow oxygen cylinders could be used as an alternative to central oxygen."

Netrakona Civil Surgeon Dr. Selim Mia said, 'We have all the preparations for the treatment of common patients with corona. However, if he is a critical patient, he should be sent to Mymensingh Medical College Hospital for better treatment. '

He added,' We are arranging another alternative ambulance to transport the Kovid patients. Besides, I have sent a demand letter to the departmental director asking for all kinds of equipment. '

It is known that coronavirus infection is increasing in Netrokona like all over the country. The situation is getting worse day by day due to violation of maintaining social distance and non-observance of hygiene rules. But the mismanagement of the district headquarters hospital for the treatment of the affected patients has caused panic among the people of the district.

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