No move to repair 50 bridges in Kurigram

Published: December 13, 2017 18:02:08 | Updated: December 15, 2017 18:35:36

There is no visible initiative to repair 50 bridges and culverts, damaged by flood last year, in Kurigram district.

The affected people have to construct bamboo bridges through voluntary services as they are not getting steps from government.

Thousands of people are now using these shaky bridges every day, leading to accidents regularly. This has also affected the local working class economically.

Kurigram has about 16 big and small rivers, including the Brahmaputra, Teesta, Dharla, Dudhkumar, Sonabhori, Jinjiram and Shialdaha. Besides, there are numerous water bodies and canals.

Over 50 bridges and culverts built over these rivers and canals became unfit for use after they were damaged by the flood that hit the district in August last year.

According to UNB, Although people can somehow cross over the bamboo bridges on foot, vehicles cannot pass through.

Elderly people, patients and students facing acute sufferings. Besides, traders cannot transport their produce.

Musabbar Ali Musa, Chairman of Naodanga union parishad in Fulbari upazila, said, steps were taken on a priority basis to reconstruct the bridges considering people's sufferings. "It's now at the implementation stage," he said.

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