Over 500 Bogra female artisans meet family expenditure with proceeds from bamboo crafts

Our Correspondent | Published: August 20, 2017 04:28:33 | Updated: October 24, 2017 07:52:03

More than 500 female artisans of bamboo crafts from all twelve upazilas under Bogra are making family expenditure along with the male members from five decades back. 


The male members supply necessary tools of the crafts from villages and the women generation are producing different size bamboo based daily necessary item and keeping a vital role for making money. They show their husbands the income process as the profession is proved them as more lucrative investing a trifling capital.


This profession is mostly based on women and aborigines across the area. An artisan can make Tk 300 to 350 per day. Bamboo products are their main sources of income in over 16 villages of the district as a result various environmentalists and researchers here viewed.


The manufacturers collect bamboo from local markets and sell the processed items locally while small traders purchase the items from different villages and sell those to various regional markets, said artisan Konica Rany, 45 at Dupchanchia municipality area.


In a recent visit the correspondent found some 500 widows, adolescent, aborigines and feeble women do the job with the assistance of the male members in Pawgachha, Paulpara, Gunaher, Chandail and Merai villages. They also are affording abundantly to drive the course of darkness from the area. The skilled artisans begin the weaving enterprise from very early at morning till late at night.


Need-oriented steps should be taken to create demand for the bamboo products in local and regional markets and remove the obstacles that arise in producing the goods, said root level craftsmen. They produce Dali, Kula, Chalun and Topa item round the year, they added.


"The bamboo products are gradually losing demand due to rapid expansion of plastic industry," said Masudur Rahman Milon, Chairman of chamber of Commerce in Bogra. He again said, "But, the artisans keep themselves busy after planting T-Aman paddy every year to produce the bamboo based tools.



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