Poultry rearers across Bogra incurring losses

Published: March 31, 2018 21:06:42

A view of a poultry farm in Bogra Sadar -FE Photo

Our Correspondent
BOGRA, Mar 31: Poultry farmers across the district have been incurring massive losses due to low market price of chicken and eggs.
According to the district livestock office, there were 3,800 poultry farms in the district. But more than 1,200 owners have already closed their farms during the last couple of months.
Sadrul Alam of Fotte Ali Bazar said each hali (four pieces) of read egg is being sold at Tk 18 to Tk 20 in the retail market while the wholesale rate is Tk 17 to Tk 18. A hali of white egg is being sold at Tk 16 to Tk 17 in the retail market while Tk 15 to 16 in the wholesale market.
Besides, a kg of Pakistani hen is being sold at Tk 170 to Tk 180 and broiler hen at Tk 120 to Tk 125.
The rearer said Tk 130 to Tk 195 is the minimum cost for the same amount of meat.
Nurul Amin, President of the District Poultry Farm Owners' Association, said, "It will take minimum three years to recover losses they incurred during this period. Moreover, market price of poultry items is increasing gradually."
The district poultry development officer Nusrat Jahan said if the farmers make frequent loss, they will lose the interest in poultry farming.
She further said rearers should be provided interest-free loan to recover the losses.

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