Rajshahi becomes self-sufficient in fish production

Our Correspondent | Published: July 25, 2018 21:17:29

RAJSHAHI, July 25: Rajshahi has become self-sufficient in producing varieties of fishes.

Sources said fish farming has expanded in Paba, Mohanpur, Durgapur and Tanore upazilas of Rajshahi; Manda, Badalgacchi and Mohadevpur upazilas of Naogaon and Bonpara, Lalpur and Boraigram upazilas of Natore district over the last few years.

Several hundreds of large ponds have been excavated where fishes are being cultivated commercially, sources added.

During the last ten years, several thousand tonnes of carp and other varieties of fish were produced in the three districts of the Rajshahi division.

According to the sources of the Department of Fisheries, Rajshahi, live fishes are being supplied to different areas across the country including the capital daily.

Around 250 truck-loaded live fishes are being supplied from Rajshahi region to other part of the country.

Every truck carries 500 to 600 kgs of live fish.

Carp varieties like rui, katla, mrigel, silver carp and grass carp are the most popular.

A carp fish generally weighing 2.5 kg to 4.0 kg is sold at Tk 300 to Tk 500 per kg.

The idea of sending live fish to Dhaka was first introduced by fish trader Jamal Uddin of Krishnapur village under Tanore upazila in 2009.

Those live fishes were sold at a high price in Dhaka kitchen markets.

Rezaul Islam, deputy director of DoF, Rajshahi, said Rajshahi was pioneer in achieving self-sufficiency in fish production.

Many people in Rajshahi have improved their financial condition by fish farming on a large scale.


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