Rajshahi litchi growers upbeat about bumper production

Our Correspondent | Published: April 18, 2018 21:23:40

RAJSHAHI, Apr 18:  The litchi trees of the district are now full of young fruits.  Due to favourable climatic condition so far, litchi growers of the district are hopeful of a good harvesting of the juicy fruit this year.

For a sound growth of litchi fruit, a mild-cold weather during flowering period and dry weather after the flowering is necessary. This year when flowering occurred in litchi, the weather of Rajshahi was mild and there was no rainfall after flowering. Till the emergence of young litchi, there was also no heavy rain rather a moderate rainfall after the emergence of green litchi ushers a smooth growth of the fruit. As a result of such unique condition of weather, farmers and officials of agriculture extension were expecting a bumper production of litchi this year.

Monjurual Haque, training officer of the Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE) of Rajshahi, said there was no apprehension of any damage of litchi fruit even if there was heavy rainfall or storm. So far the climatic condition for growth of litchi remained favourable. There would be some damage of the fruit had there been heavy rain fall for days during ripening of litchi.

Sources said the number of orchards has been increased in Rajshahi during last couples of years. Presently, there are nearly 100 litchi orchards in the district. Moreover, there are hundreds of litchi trees near homesteads or courtyards of villages. Varieties of litchi including high yield variety of China-3, Bombay and Madras varieties are being cultivated in the district.

Litchi is being cultivated commercially in Raipara, Bulanpur, Chhotobongram and Kantakhali area of the city and in Bagmara, Durgapur, Puthia, Paba and Godagari upazilas of the district. Farmers were now busy of taking care of the litchi.

Akbar Ali of Amgacchi village under Durgapur upazila informed, so far the climatic condition seems favourable for litchi and he was hoping a good yield this year unless there was inclement weather or storm.

Alim Uddin, chief scientific officer of the Rajshahi Horticulture Research Centre, said even years ago, there was 'off year' and 'on year' for the litchi fruit. But now there were no on or off years rather litchi is produced every year due to intense caring of the trees. The production of litchi in the district was increasing gradually in the district every year.

Deb Dulal Dhali, deputy director of DAE, said many people are being self reliant by cultivating litchi and making litchi orchards in their fields. So far litchi has been cultivated in 476 hectares of land and more than four tonnes of litchi is expected to be produced in the district this year.


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