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Rajshahi nursery owners busy preparing seedbeds for winter vegetables

Rajshahi nursery owners  busy preparing seedbeds  for winter vegetables

RAJSHAHI, July 15: Owners of vegetables nurseries in the district are passing busy time preparing seedbeds of various winter vegetables.

Sources said aiming cultivation of advanced winter vegetables, farmers have already sowed vegetables seeds on seedbeds. Due to a delayed rain fall, preparing a seed bed was also delayed. It usually takes 55 to 65 days to sprout the seed and to turn seedlings to young saplings ready to be transplanted in the fields of farmers.

Kausar Ali, a worker at Sabuj Bangla Nursery in Naodapara area of the district town, said incessant rain over the last few days damages many seedlings. Specially, heavy rain fall for the last two days damaged the seedlings of tomato, brinjal, cabbage and cauliflower.

However, owners of the nurseries are now trying to check excessive rain by covering the seedbeds with polythene.

Besides, some people are preparing their seedbeds on raised platforms or mancha to save those from excessive rain water.

Rajshahi region is well-known for producing various vegetables.  The region is surplus in vegetables production over the last couples of years.

Rafiqul Islam, another worker of Bangla Nursery, said saplings of early winter vegetables are being prepared. But heavy rain may cause root rot disease.

"We are using polythene to save the seedlings", he added.

Additional Deputy Director of Department of Agriculture Extension (Horticulture), Rajshahi, said farmers are advised to spray anti-fungal medicine to save their seedlings.


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