Rajshahi Silk Mills resumes operation after 16 years

Our Correspondent | Published: July 28, 2018 22:26:57 | Updated: July 29, 2018 18:39:41

Fazley Hossain Badsha, MP, inaugurating operation of five looms of Rajshahi Silk Mills in Rajshahi on Friday — FE Photo

Rajshahi Silk Mills which remained closed for the last 16 years, resumed its experimental production from Friday.

Fazley Hossain Badsha, MP of Rajshahi Sadar constituency and senior vice president of the Bangladesh Reshom Board, inaugurated operation of five looms of the mills formally.

Rajshahi Silk Mills was established on 15-bigha of land at Seroil Bus terminal area in 1961. In 2002, the government declared the operation of the mills closed with an outstanding loan of Tk 11.3 million.

Fazley Hossain Badsha said it was impossible to restart the operation of the mills without the co-operation of the labourers.

He further said the government wants to resume the complete operation of the mills and mentioned the silk industry should be turned to a social industry where silk yarn will be produced in every house and people will earn their living by selling silk yarn at the mills. Mr Badsha said the government has saved the factory from turning it to a private enterprise. Now the mills will be run in gas which will decrease 30 per cent cost of production and the mills will become a profitable concern.

The function was presided over by Abdul Hakim, Director General of Bangladesh Reshom Board.

He said both Rajshahi and Thakurgaon silk factories were suddenly declared closed and the traditional silk industry of Rajshahi was on the verge of destruction.

He further said the Rajshahi Silk Mills was incurring Tk 10 million loss per year which is a meager amount in compared to other expenses of the government.

It is learnt, after closure of the mills in 2002, more than 300 labourers of the mills rendered unemployed.

Rajshahi Reshom Board sources informed, before declaring closure, the mills had 63 looms of which 35 old looms were in operation.

Before operation of rest of 28 new looms, the operation of the mills was declared closed.

Before the closure, the mills used to produce 106,000 metre of silk fabric per year. It all 63 looms of the mills are brought into operation, the mills production would be increased to 287,000 metre of fabric per year.


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