Rangpur flower traders doing brisk business due to high mkt demand

Our Correspondent | Published: February 05, 2018 00:19:50 | Updated: February 05, 2018 13:50:15

The flower traders of the district are doing a brisk business due to high market demand.

Once flower was only used in decorating houses, gardens of some aristocratic persons, but things have changed now. Flower has become an important commercial product as its use in marriage ceremony and other socio-cultural functions has increased gradually.

For this reason a large number of flowers markets have been set up in different parts of the city and the business of the same is gaining ground.

Sources said, most of the flowers of our country are of the species of India, China, Japan and Africa. Some farmers started flower cultivation as commercial basis due to commercial demands. As a result many flower farms have been set up in the district to meet the local demands.

Garland, bunch and flower baskets are called cut-flowers. The business of cut flowers was started by selling those to the buyers and devotees of holy place.

Commercially used flowers are rose, tuberose, different species of orchid, gladiola etc. Besides chinabox, jasmine, water lily and marigold are locally known.

Rashed, a flower seller, said most of the flowers are produced in our country except some kinds of marigold which are imported at times from neighbouring countries.

At present more than 50 flower shops are in Rangpur city and a massive quantity of flowers is being sold in these shops everyday.

The flower vendors said different types of roses are being sold at Tk 5.0 to Tk 10 per piece, tube rose Tk 5.0 to 10 per stick, gladiola Tk 5.0 to Tk 10 a stick. Different kinds of marigold garlands and baskets are sold at Tk 100 to Tk 350.


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