Success in Alu Bukhara farming in Magura

Our Correspondent | Published: March 07, 2018 00:43:27 | Updated: March 08, 2018 21:30:32

Magura Horticulture Centre official Delwar Hossein takes care of Alu Bukhara trees at the centre compound on Tuesday. — FE Photo

Alu Bukhara, a kind of plum, is being produced in the district.

Magura Horticulture Center sources said they have been cultivating the fruit from 2014. Officials said, "It was challenging to grow the nutritious fruit in the district. After four long years fruits have been appeared on the trees."

Horticulturist Khan Md Monurizzaman said Alu Bukhara cultivation is profitable. Around 2,500 kgs of output can be achieved from an acre of land. Present market rate of the item is Tk 500 to Tk 600 per kg.

He said growers of the district can cultivate the item on commercial basis as weather and soil are suitable for the fruit.

Horticulturist Aminul Islam said Alu Bukhara is enriched with vitamin A, B and C, and calcium. It is helpful to prevent cancer prevention and controls blood cholesterol. It also increases digestion power. 

"We collected graft of the plant from India", he added.

Mr Islam further said country imports about 100 tonnes of Alu Bukhara every year. "If we grow the fruit commercially, one day we will be able to export it meeting the domestic demand", he added.


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