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Sugang Durgapur - a splendid blend of natural beauty

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The Someswari river runs quietly  	— FE Photo The Someswari river runs quietly — FE Photo

NETRAKONA, Nov 14: Durgapur upazila on the mountainous border of Netrakona district originally carried the name Susan. The 'good king' used to live in Durgapur. From that point, it is known as Susang Durgapur.

It is a genuine natural splendour of woodland, river and hills where the Garos and other tribes reside.

The hill river Someswari has come down to Bangladesh through the Baghamara police station in India.

There are accesses to the Someswari River through the borders of Vijayapur and Bhabanipur in Bangladesh.

This river is connected to Shibganj, Durgapur, Birisiri, and the Kansh river near Jaria Jhanjile in the east.

The river is not only beautiful to see. It is rich in mineral resources- like sandstone and coal.

On the banks of the river, there stands a huge hill of white soil in Kullagara union.

Susang Durgapur is about 190 killometres off Dhaka. From Mohakhali bus terminal in Dhaka, one can come directly to Durgapur through travelling by a bus on the Dhaka-Birisiri Road.

From Mohakhali, one has to take first an Ena / Soukhin Express / Safe Travels bus to reach Mymensingh.

One can also get on a local bus from Durgapur to Birisiri from Mymensingh Bridge.

Also, the night coaches have huge transportation / master transportation / mother-money transportation.

They leave Mohakhali at 8:30 pm and 12 pm and Durgapur at 12 pm.

The rent per person is Tk 350/. Apart from this, the train will have to come from Kamalapur railway station to Mymensingh Gami Teesta / Agnivina to Mymensingh.

Later on the Mymensingh-Jaria Jhanjile train, one will have to take Jaria again.

From there, he/she will reach Birisiri by riding local bus / CNG three-wheeler/ Mahindra / motorcycle.

One also gets on the local bus from Birisiri-Zaria from the junction of the Mymensingh Bridge.

There are several good quality residential hotels in Durgapur municipality, including Birisiri Bazar in Durgapur for a night tour.

For example, there is an NGO-run rest house in Girishi, GBC, YMCA and WDBUCA. Apart from this, Uranail Bazaar has the facilities of staying at the Aurna and Bichitra Rest House, Nadi Bangla, Durgapur Sadar Hotel Someswari, Luxari, Gulshan.

All these hotels have single and double seats in the room for non-AC rent.

After renting a seat or room, one can visit Shaikhid Dam of Birisiri union at rest. When the dam is closed, it seems that the rake can stand. Rows of trees and views of the river Khosrota Someswari will captivate the tourists. In the north, the small hills of India will give a shaft.

There are several restaurants, including the Wideby 1 UCA in Birisiri. There are several good quality restaurants in the upazila headquarters as well, including Hotel Nirla, Brothers and Sisters at the press club and the Pearl Parade.

They offer attractive dishes including vegetables, takimach bharata, small fish charcoal, large fish fry or broccoli and different types of meat.

Long ago there were lizards in the Soameswari and Kansh rivers, which were the tourists' favorite fish.

Due to the declining navigability of the river, it is no longer available.

If available, it will be cultivated. Also there is found in the river Someshwari a fish which is called Mohasol.

From here, people from different parts of the country have taken the place of this fish in the tasty Khabar. Which is not happening anywhere else.

Among the eye-soothing sights in Birisiri union are century-old Catholic churches of Christian community.

The Garrow Baptist Convention (GBC), the Missionary and the Pisinol Memorial High School are also among the special attractions.

Apart from these, artistes from the Tribal Cultural Academy brought recognition and reputation to the area by taking part in the state functions.

Cultural events are organised in the academy during the visits of important people and high level government officials.

There is also the opportunity for tourists to enjoy cultural events.

At the heart of Durgapur city, there are some monuments of the palace of the king of Susang.

There are several educational institutions built around it. There is also a famous government college.

These include MKCM Pilot Government High School and Government Girls High School.  

After that one can get out for the border area. From Durgapur Sadar to Shibganj Bazar on the west, take rickshaw or hire a motorbike to reach Kamkhali and Rangikhang Mission.

In Bijapur BGB camp area, there are bunch villages.

Kullagara union has almost all white (Chinese) clay hills. Nilapani will observe the beauty of this white soil. At the bottom of the hill is a clear water.

During the long haul, huge holes have been created in many places. So swimming is a bit risky. On the western side, there are some western missions along Durgapur and Dhobura police stations.

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