Untimely rain damages vegetables in Chandpur

Published: December 29, 2017 16:03:10 | Updated: December 30, 2017 14:33:28

Untimely rain has damaged mustard crops and vegetables worth about Tk 150 million in fields of eight upazilas in Chandpur.

Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE) sources said the damage created frustration among farmers as they have no other means to repay their bank loans.

The potato growers in Chandpur Sadar, Hajiganj, Matlab South and Kachua; the major potato growing areas in the district; are the worst sufferers of the rainfall in November and December.

As a result, the prospect of getting bumper production of potato this year is now a bleak, DAE sources said.

According to official source, 17 per cent potato seeds in fields were damaged by the unexpected rainfall from December 8 to 10 resulting in a loss of Tk 2.875 crores of the farmers.

Meanwhile, 16.76 per cent of the standing vegetables were damaged by the rain while 16.20 per cent of the standing mustard crops have been damaged.

Though this year's target was fixed to bring a total of 12,890 hectares of land under potato cultivation in the eight upazilas of the district, the rainfall affected 3700 hectare areas, according to DAE survey.

The farmers again have started to sow seeds of potato, vegetables and mustard in the hope of recouping the losses.

Elias, 30, a potato grower in Mirzapur village in Chandpur, said that he has incurred a loss of Tk 700,000 due to the recent and other two previous rainfalls during potato sowing season.

Some mustard and vegetables growers in Mirzapur, Lalpur , Bishnapur, Kumardughi, Ashikathi and Krishnapur villages in Chandpur Sadar have also shared their problems adding that they have again started to sow seeds of mustard and vegetables in their own fields to recoup the losses.

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