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Covid-19 keeps butchers aloof from govt training for Eid

| Updated: July 04, 2020 10:04:38

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The government's programme to train up butchers is not witnessing progress due to lack of interest among the persons whom it is meant for in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, sources said.

"We are calling butchers to take training on removing skins of sacrificial animals during Eid ul-Adha across the country. A good number of butchers are reluctant to come in fear of getting infected with Covid-19, a senior official who is familiar with the issue said.

He, however, said although the training will be conducted abiding by the health safety guidelines fully, they do not dare to come.

He fears that they will not be able to train the required number of butchers as there is left less than one month before the Eid.

Around 11 million animals will be required during the Eid-ul-Azha this time. Of them, 4.0 million to 4.5 million are cows and buffalos, according to the DLS.

Generally, the health conditions of the sacrificial animals are good.

So, tanners purchase around 50 per cent of rawhides of their demand during the Eid-ul-Azha.

A large number of animals' skins get damaged in absence of proper skinning process during the festival.

The authorities concerned of the government have taken necessary measures to train up butchers ahead of the Eid.

Over 9,000 butchers were trained for the Eid ul-Azha last year.

In this regard, necessary measures have been taken by the DLS and the district and Upzila administrations have been asked to saturate the seasonal traders, imams of mosques and heads of orphanages to train butchers on slaughtering and removal of animals' skins.

The authorities concerned will provide training for imams about slaughtering and removal of skins of the sacrificial animals in proper process.

The livestock department has already taken required steps for slaughtering and proper removal of sacrificial animals by the butchers.

The butchers have been being trained for the last four years at the government's initiative.

When contacted, Dr Md Azizul Islam said, "Butcher's training is operated in two mediums. One is given from the revenue sector and the rest from the project."

"We will give training to 15,000 butchers in two years including current year under the project across the country, he added.


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