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A tale of multiple marriages, betrayal and murder

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In a shocking incident that has gripped the outskirts of Dhaka city, police arrested two individuals late Sunday night in Keraniganj, linked to the brutal murder of a housewife named Rozina in the Kamrangirchar area.

The suspects, identified as Mala Saha (25) and her husband, Sanjit Saha alias Akash (31), were caught in a dramatic operation that also led to the recovery of a critical piece of evidence: a shard from the mirror used in the gruesome act.

Rozina, tragically caught in a love triangle, was the second wife of Sanjit Saha.

Deputy Commissioner Mahbub Uz Zaman of the Dhaka Metropolitan Police's Lalbagh Division revealed the details during a press briefing at the DMP's media centre on Monday. The incident came to light last Friday night when Rozina's lifeless body was discovered in a flat on the first floor of Haji Md. Badruddin's building, adjacent to the Baragram Wapda Mosque, by a team from the Kamrangirchar police station. 

The subsequent investigation was propelled by a murder case lodged by Rozina's father, Rahim.

The narrative that unfolded was one of betrayal and jealousy. Rozina, who had recently given birth to a daughter named Souravi, discovered that her husband, Akash — who had converted from Hinduism to Islam a year and a half prior — was previously married. This revelation led to frequent and heated disputes between the couple.

Mala Saha, the first wife, upon learning of her husband's secret second marriage, confronted Rozina last Friday. In a fit of rage fueled by jealousy and anger towards her husband for his neglect and betrayal, Mala attacked Rozina, inflicting a fatal wound with a shard of glass before fleeing the scene. During her escape, she discarded the murder weapon in the Buriganga River.

The case took a turn when Mala, during preliminary interrogation, confessed to the murder, citing her husband's indifference and her own financial struggles as the motive behind her actions.

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