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BGB seizes 200,000 yaba tablets after ‘shootout’ in Cox’s Bazar

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The BGB has recovered 200,000 yaba tablets after a ‘shootout with drug traffickers’ near the maritime border on the Naf River in Cox’s Bazar’s Teknaf.

The narcotics were recovered from the Shashmanghat area of Nhila Union around 9 pm on Friday night, according to Lt Col Sheikh Khalid Mohammad Iftekhar, captain of the BGB Teknaf-2 battalion.

However, the border guards were unable to apprehend any of the drug traffickers as they fled the scene, the official said, reports

BGB conducted a raid in the area based on a tip-off that a large shipment of drugs was coming in from Myanmar on Friday night, said Lt Col Iftekhar.

“At one point, a wooden boat carrying three to four suspicious individuals crossed the zero line on the Naf River,” he said. “The boat reached the river bank and was unloading some sacks when the BGB personnel ordered them to halt.”

“The driver of the boat quickly attempted to flee. A BGB guard then fired blanks to get the boat to stop. The drug traffickers then returned fire at the BGB patrol.”

“The vessel carrying the drug traffickers eventually reached Myanmar waters near Naffora Island and fled.”

“The BGB then searched the scene and recovered two plastic sacks holding 200,000 yaba tablets,” Lt Col Iftekhar said.

The drugs have been taken to the BGB Battalion Office, he added.

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