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TIB urges govt to take complaints against WASA MD into account

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Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) urged the government to accept the allegations brought against Dhaka WASA managing director made by its board chairman.

Besides, TIB strongly demanded accountability of those people responsible for all the allegations of widespread irregularities and corruption in Dhaka WASA through a fair and impartial investigation published in various media and different researches.

Earlier on September 20, 2020 in a statement, TIB condemned the proposal to re-appoint the incumbent Dhaka WASA managing director (MD).

According to the news published in the media, the Dhaka WASA Board chairman has written to the Ministry of Local Government, Rural Development and Co-operatives and also given a speech in the media, accusing the managing director who turned the organisation into an arena of irregularities, wastage of public money and corruption through arbitrariness.

The board chairman also accused Dhaka WASA MD to make the Wasa Board non-functional, the statement said.

In the statement, TIB Executive Director Dr Iftekharuzzaman said the allegations of institutionalised corruption and irregularities in Dhaka WASA through the abuse of arbitrary power have been raised repeatedly at different times, but no visible progress has been seen in the remedy.

Influenced by invisible forces, this arbitrariness has been built as a "role model" of unaccountability, he said.

In view of complaints coming from various quarters for a long time, now Dhaka WASA Board chairman has raised the matter and has brought a written complaint, Dr Zaman said.

Allegations of corruption, irregularity and arbitrariness surrounding Dhaka WASA cannot be ignored, the TIB executive director added.

In the meantime, the court has directed to launch investigation against nine people including Dhaka WASA MD regarding the embezzlement of Tk 1.32 billion.

However, no visible progress is seen in this regard so far, which is disappointing, the statement added.

Earlier, TIB in a study report said nearly 62 per cent of Dhaka’s connection seekers become victims of corruption in Dhaka WASA.

WASA remains beyond accountability, it added.

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