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Woman found dead in in-laws' house in Feni

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Police have recovered the body of a housewife from her in-laws’ house in Sonagazi upazila of Feni district.

Her in-laws fled with her three-year-old child, reports

The body was recovered from the house of Ramzan Ali Mistry in Vadadiya village on Saturday, said Sudeep Roy Polash, chief of Songazi Model Police Station.

Yasmin Akter, 25, was the wife of Mehedi Hasan, a migrant worker living in Oman.

Informed by the local public representative, police recovered Yasmin’s body from the bed of the house. The bedroom door was ajar and no one else was at the house.

Yasmin’s parents-in-law, brother-in-law, and his wife had beaten her a lot for a long time, said her mother Roshnara Begum. The families even held several meetings over the issue.

Following a domestic feud, the in-laws strangled her daughter to death, Roshnara alleges.

Yasmin’s father Chhuttu Mia said her husband had been living in Oman for a long time. In his absence, the in-laws used to beat his daughter and they killed her in a pre-meditated way. Later, they fled the house leaving Yasmin’s body behind.

Yasmin’s three-year-old son could not be found after the incident, said her sister Fahima Akter. They assumed the in-laws took the child when they fled.

The body was sent to the morgue at the Feni 250-bed General Hospital for an autopsy, said OC Sudeep. Police would determine the cause of death after the autopsy report was available, he added.

Yasmin’s family was preparing to file a case and police are working to find Yasmin’s in-laws, the police officer said.

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