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Dhaka City Polls: BNP’s Tabith unveils election manifesto

| Updated: January 27, 2020 17:51:33

Evaly and Fianancial Express Evaly and Fianancial Express
Photo: UNB Photo: UNB

BNP’s Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) mayoral candidate Tabith Awal on Monday unveiled his election manifesto promising to work on mosquito termination, traffic congestion, and pollution among others.

He outlined the pledges while unveiling his 38-point manifesto at a press conference held at Emmanuelle’s Banquet in Dhaka's Gulshan.

Tabith said he will take steps to ensure the rights and security of citizens, according to a UNB report.

He said the incumbent government and mayors have failed to handle the mosquito issue.

“If elected, I’ll carry out mosquito repellent activities throughout the year. I’ll also work for reducing traffic jam and will take effective steps to stop air pollution in the city,” he said.

Dhaka ranked third in the list of cities with worst air. The capital city has been grappling with air pollution for years.

When reporters asked whether it will be possible to implement the manifesto even if he is elected, given that he belongs to the opposition party, Tabith said: “It’ll be, if the people remain by my side.”


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