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Dr Kamal vows to wage movement against ‘misrule’, ‘autocracy’

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Gonoforum President Dr Kamal Hossain on Sunday expressed his determination to wage a united movement to oust the current government and to save people from ‘misrule’ and ‘autocracy’.

However, he said their party does not want any violent movement. “We’ve to wage a movement for unity and build the country.”

The Gonoforum chief said the Awami League government has ‘stolen’ and ‘siphoned off’ huge money by indulging in widespread corruption. “They amassed huge wealth.  We’ll have to remove this regime."

Dr Kamal made the remarks while speaking at a discussion at the Jatiya Press Club, marking the 28th founding anniversary of Gonoforum, reports UNB.

“We're the victims of misrule and dictatorship. We must be freed from it. We can't allow the country to be run like this. We must bring change through a movement by uniting people,” he said.

He said there has been unity among people, but opposition parties need to reinforce it to form a government with a public mandate. “We must come forward to save the country with the power of people. We need to start it now as a huge time has already elapsed.”

Dr Kamal said people can now understand that they have to be united to get rid of repression and misrule. “We unitedly resisted the Pakistanis. I believe that if we now use that unity, we can make the impossible possible. We’ll unite people for the movement by going from house to house and from field to field.”

He said the country can be freed from corruption and plundering by empowering people and establishing a pro-people government. “We must establish a functional democracy where parliament will be constituted with people's representatives. People want us to save the country. We have a bright future ahead of us."

Dr Kamal said they want to use all the resources of the country for the development of the nation by using people as the Bengali nation has immense power of production.

He said Awami League formed the government through ‘vote robbery’. “It has curtailed the freedom of expression of civil society and journalists by enacting the Digital Security Act.

Dr Kamal voiced concern over the human rights situation in the country and said repression and human rights violations at the hands of law enforcement have become a common affair in Bangladesh. “Bangabandhu did not dream of such a Bangladesh.”

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