Five killed in ‘gunfights’ with police across Bangladesh

Published: May 20, 2018 11:52:03 | Updated: May 20, 2018 20:51:13

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Police say that five people have been killed in shootouts in Mymensingh, Barisal, Feni, Jashore and Dinajpur early on Sunday morning.

Reazul Islam Biplob, approximately 40, was killed in a gunfight with Detective Branch (DB) police in Mymensingh’s Maskanda area’s Ganasha intersection around 2:15 am.

An unknown individual was killed in the Battala area of Barisal Sadar Upazila’s Shayestabad around the same time.

Alamgir Hossain Bhuyian was killed in a shootout with local police in the West Pathan Gor area of Chagalnaya’s Pathannagar Union around dawn.

Another unknown individual was killed in a gunfight between two groups of drugs traffickers in Jashore’s Rudrapur village early on Sunday morning.

Babu alias Galkata Babu, 45, was killed in a gunfight with police in Dinajpur’s Muradpur Nursery area near Dinajpur-Biral road around 3:30 am on Sunday, reports bdnews24.


According to Mymensingh District Detective Branch ASI Parimal Das, Biplob was the city’s ‘top drug trafficker’. The suspect had a lot of cases filed against him and police was unsure about them.

A DB police team was dispatched to the Maskanda area based on a tip that traffickers were dividing up a drug shipment in the area.

“The traffickers became aware of the police presence and opened fire. Police returned fire in self-defence. The traffickers fled and drug kingpin Biplob was found shot and then detained.”

Wounded Biplob was then taken to Mymensingh Medical College Hospital, where doctors declared him dead.

Two police constables, Rashedul and Kawsar, were injured in the gunfight and are undergoing treatment at the police hospital, he said.

Police have recovered 200 grams of heroin, 200 Yaba tablets, three bullet casings and two knives from the scene, ASI Das said.


According to Chhagalnaya Police Station OC M Morshed, Alamgir Hossain Bhuiyan was a ‘known drug trafficker’ and had been accused in nine cases at Feni Sadar, Phulgazi and Chagalnaya police stations.

Police conducted a raid in the West Pathan Gor area based on a tip that a large shipment of drugs had arrived in the area, the police official said.

“The drug dealers noticed the police team and opened fire. Police retaliated in self-defence. Alamgir was found shot during the gunfight.”

Alamgir was declared dead after he was taken to Feni Sadar Hospital.

Two police assistant sub inspectors named Delwar Hossain and Matiar Rahman were injured in the shootout and received first aid at the hospital, the OC said.

Police recovered a firearm, three rounds of ammunition, 1,000 Yaba tablets and over 100 bottles of Phensedyl from the scene, he said.


Barisal Metropolitan Detective Branch Police Assistant Commissioner Nasir Mollik said that police had remained alert in the Shayestabad area due to increased reports of robberies. A shootout broke out between a police patrol team and robbers early on Sunday morning.

“Robbers noticed the patrol team in the Battala area and opened fire. Police returned fire. At one point the robbers fled and a body was found at the scene.”

An assistant sub inspector and two constables were injured in the incident and have been admitted to hospital, said Nasir Mollik.

Police have recovered a pipegun, two machetes and a large knife from the scene, he said.


Jashore Kotwali Model Police Station Officer-in-Charge KM Azmal Huda said a police team recovered a body from Rudrapur village near Chutipur after a gunfight between two groups of drugs traffickers was reported in the area early on Sunday.

Police have to identify the dead man, but it has been confirmed that he was a drug dealer.

“The drug traffickers fled when they noticed the police team. The body was found after the skirmish.”

The body has been taken to the hospital morgue, the OC said.

At least 400 Yaba pills, a shotgun and one round ammunition were recovered from the scene, he added.


Dinajpur’s Biral Police Station Officer-in-Charge Abdul Majid told media that, a police team conducting an anti-drugs operation at Muradpur Nursery area came across firing by drug traffickers. The team was forced to retaliate and Babu, a resident of Teghra Narayanpur village in Biral upazila, was found shot after the other traffickers fled the spot.

He was rushed to Dinajpur M Abdur Rahim Medical College Hospital where the doctors declared him dead.

OC Majid said he was named in at least nine cases for drug trafficking and other crimes.

Police recover a rifle, a machete, five cocktail bombs and 193 bottles of phensedyl from the scene.

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