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Gas price in five south-western districts set to witness ‘substantial’ rise

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Household users in five districts of south-western region, including Jashore and Khulna are set to pay a substantially higher price for gas, supplied by the Sundarbans Gas Company Limited (SGCL).

The Technical Evaluation Committee of Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission (BERC) has recommended a new gas price for a double burner oven at Tk 1,060 from existing Tk 975 and for a single burner oven at Tk 990 from existing Tk 925 at the household consumer level in the five districts where the SGCL is the distributor.

The SGCL, however, sought to increase the gas price to Tk 2,100 (115 per cent increase) for double burner and Tk 2,000 (116 per cent increase) for single burner oven from the existing price.

The SGCL officials placed the proposal during the second day of the public hearing of the BERC at BIAM auditorium in the city on Tuesday, says a report on UNB agency.

BERC Chairman Abdul Jalil, members Maqbul-e-E Elahi Chowdhury, Bazlur Rahman and Mohammad Abu Farooq were present at the hearing.

While making his introductory speech Abdul Jalil criticised the gas distribution companies for not taking the possible social impacts of the price escalation.

He said the interest of the masses should be considered first before taking any decision.

"The interest of the people is the first", he said adding, the social impact of the price increase should have been included in the price increase applications.

But the gas companies have overlooked it", he observed.

The BERC technical committee also made its recommendations to raise the gas price per cubic metre to Tk 5.34 from the existing Tk 4.44 for the power sector, Tk 15.50 from Tk 13.85 for captive power, Tk 5.34 from Tk 4.44 for fertiliser factories, Tk 12.65 from 10.70 for tea industries, Tk 27.60 from Tk 23 for commercial consumers, Tk 49.50 from Tk 43 while Tk 18 from 12.60 for the metered gas oven at household consumers.

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