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Govt introduces national public welfare trophy

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The government has introduced a national public welfare trophy for Bangladeshi citizens for encouraging voluntary contribution to the development of the underprivileged group.

The Ministry of Social Welfare has issued the National Public Welfare Policy-2022 (Jatiyo Manab Kollayan Padak), replacing the Mother of Humanity Social Welfare Trophy Policy, 2018.

As per a Gazette, dated September 25, 2022, individuals, private and public entities would be entitled for the first-of-its-kind award every year.

There will be five trophies, each 25 gram gold of 18 carats, a replica of trophy (electroplated by 0.36 gram gold), Tk 0.2 million at individual and organisation levels, and a certificate of honour.

The trophy would be handed over on January 2 every year on the occasion of the National Social Service Day.

Contribution to the rehabilitation and welfare of women under senior citizen category, widow and repressed by husband, physically and mentally challenged, underprivileged children, vagabond, homeless, social work for physical and mental health development, etc. would be entitled for the award.

According to the gazette, an individual or organisation would not be eligible for the award in case of involvement in anti-state activities or any lobby for getting the award.

Also, an individual or organisation would not be entitled for the award within the next 10 years after getting a trophy once.

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