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HC bans ‘two-finger test’ for rape victims

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The High Court has banned the use of the so-called ‘two-finger test’ and ‘bio-manual test’ conducted for the rape victims to prove the rape.

The HC said there is no legal or scientific basis for the tests during the physical examination of women or children rape victims, reports

The bench of Justice Gobinda Chandra Tagore and Justice AKM Shahidul Huq’s issued the order on Thursday to settle a five-year-old petition.

Rights activists had claimed that the ‘two-finger test’ was irrational and tantamount to a second rape of the victim.

The court said the rape and virginity tests for victims should follow the health protocols the government adopted last year, according to the policies of the World Health Organization.

The High Court has ordered a copy of the protocols to be sent to every Women and Children Repression Prevention Tribunal and hospital in the country and for them to be adopted.

In the case observations the court said that a gynaecologist, a forensic specialist, a woman police officer and, if necessary, a close relative of the victim, should be present during the physical examination.

The court also said that the Women and Children Repression Prevention Tribunal must also prevent lawyers from any side from asking any questions that would demean the victim.

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