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Humane gesture towards underprivileged children

| Updated: April 13, 2021 21:17:00

Humane gesture towards underprivileged children

JCI Dhaka Uptown has announced its first project initiative of the year — ‘Orphan Aid Project 2021’ — to be launched today, Tuesday, in what it calls 'JCI Village' in Narayanganj.

It will implement the project the same day by handing over a library of books, conducting Covid-19 health camps, and donating food items among 114 orphans.

JCI Dhaka Uptown has been identifying orphans in the 'JCI Village' and providing lodging and boarding in an orphanage there for several months.

The issue of orphans and semi-orphans in the country is not adequately addressed though there are special provisions for accelerating their socio-economic development.

They are left without care and protection as a result of their deserted, widowed and divorced mothers’ re-marriages and HIV/AIDS-related deaths, among others.

Most of them usually engage in rag picking, pickpocketing, and other antisocial and illegal activities.

By rehabilitating the orphans of the 'JCI Village' under its project, JCI Dhaka Uptown aims at addressing the first four challenges of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as well as positively impacting society.



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