ICC prosecutor upbeat about justice for Myanmar's Rohingya

| Updated: February 28, 2022 18:56:31

Rohingya refugees look out from a shelter in Cox's Bazar — Reuters/Files Rohingya refugees look out from a shelter in Cox's Bazar — Reuters/Files

Visiting prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) Karim A. A. Khan on Sunday expressed his confidence to collect proper evidence to justify the allegations of war crime against Rohingya in Myanmar.

"Justice is hard but I believe it can be achieved," he said while addressing a media briefing in the city.

Mr Karim also urged all to ensure justice for the Rohingya people against whom brutal atrocities were committed.

"We have to work together to get justice," he said noting that one cannot remain simply as spectator when such crimes are committed.

He added: "You cannot be spectators when people are killed and their family members are raped. We have the obligations to speak out."

He also said people of all strata, regardless of religion, should get united to ensure justice for the Rohingya.

The ICC investigations are tough unlike the works of non-governmental organisations. "We do not need 'smell of suspicion'. We have to prove the allegations beyond any reasonable doubt before the court," he pointed out.

Mr Karim said their team has been engaged in collecting evidence for the last two years since the authorisation by the court.

He said the prosecution needs evidence which are truth as the defence has the right to challenge their evidence.

Terming it 'a rare show of humanity', Mr Karim also lauded Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for extending shelter to the Rohingya.

People across the country also show compassion and humanity for the Rohingya, he added.

During his visit, he talked to government and non-government officials and Rohingya people in Cox's Bazar.

He also met Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, Foreign Minister Dr AK Abdul Momen, Law Minister Anisul Huq and Foreign Secretary Masud Bin Momen.

Responding to a question, he said the trial process cannot be expected to finish over night.

The pandemic has caused a delay in the investigation process, he mentioned, saying that the changes in power in Myanmar would not hamper their work.

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