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Japan, WFP provides $4.3m to Rohingya refugees

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Japan and WFP on Monday signed an exchange of notes to provide food and nutrition assistance and to develop agricultural infrastructure in Bangladesh.

The contribution of USD4.3 million will be used for critical food assistance through the e-voucher system for the Rohingya refugees living in Bhasan Char and will help the further development of agricultural infrastructure such as irrigation system, canal excavation, and new roads for the Bangladeshi community in Cox’s Bazar, a spokesperson of the Japan Embassy said.

“Japan is an essential partner for WFP, and we are grateful for their staunch support of development in Bangladesh and of our humanitarian efforts in the country. This new contribution will help us continue to provide life-saving food assistance on the island of Bhasan Char and will greatly benefit the Bangladeshi community in Cox’s Bazar,” said Dom Scalpelli, the resident Representative and Country Director of WFP Bangladesh.

“Following the emergency grant of USD 2.0 million in January, Japan decided to provide additional assistance to Bhasan Char, with the strong hope that this contribution will respond to the urgent food and nutrition needs of the Rohingya population on Bhasan Char, as well as to enhance the agricultural environment in Cox’s Bazar” said ITO Naoki, ambassador of Japan to Bangladesh.

“During my recent visit to Cox’s Bazar, I saw the dedicated and professional work of WFP and its partners. Food assistance by E-Voucher in the Cox’s Bazar camps is truly innovative, and it is our great pleasure that the innovative approach will be expanded to Bhasan Char with this funding”

Mr Naoki said, as the Rohingya crisis has turned into the sixth year, it is imperative to continue funding for better and dignified lives of refugees while making every effort for the early repatriation to Myanmar.

“Durable solutions of this crisis will be conducive to realising the vision of a Free and Open Indo-Pacific, Japan will stand by the government and the people of Bangladesh in supporting the Rohingya response”, he noted.

Since the beginning of the emergency in August 2017, Japan has been a steadfast supporter of the Rohingya refugee response in Bangladesh, contributing over USD170 million to UNHCR and other UN agencies and NGOs in Bangladesh, including through this new funding.

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