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Land ministry instructs AC Land to correct mistakes in ROR

| Updated: July 30, 2021 18:33:46

Land ministry instructs AC Land to correct mistakes in ROR

The Ministry of Land has issued a circular with detailed instructions and directions to the Assistant Commissioner (Land) (AC Land) to correct the clerical mistakes, fraudulent entries, and bona fide mistakes in the final printed and published Record of Rights (ROR) after the land survey.

If it is possible to ensure the provision of necessary services by the Assistant Commissioner (Land) at the field level as per the instructions of the aforementioned circular, the landowner will not have to go to the Civil Court and Land Survey Tribunal to rectify the minor errors of the ROR.

This will greatly reduce the suffering of the people related to land. In addition, landowners can easily get the necessary directions by reading the circular, according to a ministry statement issued on Thursday.

Earlier, a circular was issued in 2015 to correct the errors of ROR, but it was not easy to decide at the field level due to various issues arising out of land-related problems.

Hence, Land Minister Saifuzzaman Chowdhury had directed to issue a circular in such a way that all matters are clarified. The circular itself is to be used as a reference by field-level officials.

As a result, Land Secretary Md. Mustafizur Rahman signed this circular for the land sector.

The circular states regarding the aforementioned context, “The government is determined to provide services to the service recipients to correct such errors in a reasonable period after the survey. It has been observed that people are not getting proper redressal from AC Land for correction of the errors found in the final ROR due of the last survey due to lack of definite idea despite being authorised and designated as per law and regulations and directed by the circular of this ministry, which is not desirable.”

The circular further states, “To properly follow the provisions of the law and regulations and the instructions of the circular issued regarding the clerical mistake, fraudulent entry, and bona fide mistake in the ROR, the field level officials need to be diligent in this regard as well as need to pose the concept of clarity and similarity.”

It is to be noted that various issues have been explained in the circular by mentioning the sources of different laws. The circular explained the possible different types of clerical mistakes, fraudulent entry, and bona fide mistakes of final printed and published ROR after the survey. The procedure for correcting these errors is also described in detail so that field-level officials can easily receive references from the seven-page circular.

In addition, the application process for record correction according to the circular - "The applicant has to attach the due court fees for the application along with the relevant application.

Once the online application system is launched, it will be payable directly from the government account. In addition, after the announcement of the order of record correction, the notice issuance fees, record correction or updating fees, and ROR supply fees must be collected through DCR and ensured to be paid to the government treasury.

 No court fees or other fees will be applicable on the application submitted by the Deputy Commissioner or his/her representative for correcting the error of No. 1 ROR (Khash Khatian no. 1 of the government Khash land)."


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