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‘Low-income people to get food support countrywide’

Published: March 30, 2020 16:16:09 | Updated: March 30, 2020 18:59:53

‘Low-income people to get food support countrywide’

The Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief preparing a list for providing the support

The government has taken an initiative to provide food assistance to those who used to survive on their daily-basis income but currently have no income due to coronavirus situation.

Beggars, day labourers, rickshaw pullers, van pullers, transport workers, restaurants workers and small roadside tea stall owners across the country will be brought under the essential food supply facilities, reports UNB.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina gave necessary directives in this regard, according to the Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief.

Food support will also be provided to farm labourers and other beneficiaries under City Corporations, municipalities, union and ward levels.

The Ministry has also directed to carry out the work in a coordinated way with the district administration if affluent section of the society, organisations and NGOs provide food support locally.

It is extremely important to have a coordinated approach at this moment, said the ministry.

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