Magura farmers growing aromatic rice on more land this season

Our Correspondent | Published: April 22, 2019 21:19:23

An elderly farmer of Kapashiti village under Magura Sadar upazila working in a BRRI-50 field on Monday — FE Photo

MAGURA, May 22: Cultivation of aromatic BRRI-50 rice is gaining popularity in the district.

Sources at the Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE) said around 1,020 hectares of land in the district have been brought under the production of the paddy this year which was about 440 hectares last season.

Raghobdair, Beroil, Banga, Kapashiti and Vabonhati villages are well-known for growing quality BRRI-50 paddy.

Some growers said some 4.2 tonnes of paddy can be produced on a hectare of land which is only 3.9 tonnes for the other common local varieties.

Farmers are planning for commercial cultivation of the paddy in the coming seasons for more profit, they added.

Belayet Hossein of Raghobdair village under Magura Sadar upazila said he brought one bigha of land under the farming of the crop last season, but he is growing aromatic paddy on three bighas of land this year.

"I am expecting an abundant yield if the weather remains favourable", the farmer further said.

Another farmer Sayed Ali of Kapashiti village said production cost of BRRI-50 paddy is the same as other the common Boro varieties. But production is high.

A total of 18 cultivators in the district are farming BRRI-50 paddy this year.

Local rice trader Vaben Saha said there is good demand for aromatic rice in the local market. "We generally collect aromatic rice from northern districts. If cultivation of BRRI-50 expands in Magura, growers and traders will be benefited."

Magura DAE official Shohrab Hossein said the department provides training on the farming to the farmers on BRRI-50 rice cultivation to boost production.

"Harvest will start within a few days and we expect a plenteous production", the official added.


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