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Many private universities operating activities under temporary arrangements as deadline approaches

| Updated: September 30, 2022 08:43:11

Many private universities operating activities under temporary arrangements as deadline approaches

Many reputed private universities of the country are still operating their activities under temporary arrangement defying the University Grants Commission's (UGC) repeated warnings to shift to permanent campuses.

UGC authorities said the period of temporary permit granted to them will end on December 31 this year and then it can shut new enrolment in these universities and take legal actions against them, reports UNB.

Fresh student enrolment and all other activities of those private universities will be shut if they fail to shift to their permanent campuses within December 31, said UGC member Professor Dr Biswajit Chanda said.

The commission gave the deadline as 12 years have passed after granting a temporary permit to 23 private universities and most of them failed to take any significant steps to shift to their campuses or build the infrastructures necessary for it, he said.

These are Brac University, University of Liberal Arts (ULAB), Daffodil International University (DIU), Stamford University, State University of Bangladesh, The People's University of Bangladesh, Dhaka International University, Manarat International University, Bangladesh University, University of Development Alternative (UODA), Southeast University, , Northern University Bangladesh, Green University of Bangladesh, Shanto -Mariam University of Creative Technology, The Millennium University, Presidency University, University of South Asia, Uttara University, Victoria University of Bangladesh, Prime Asia University, Royal University of Dhaka, Asha University of Bangladesh and City University.

Some of these universities shifted partially and most are currently operating from outer campuses for years saying that construction works are yet to be completed, according to UGC.

When UGC contacted some of the private university authorities over their transfer they said are going to seek extension of time while some said they are trying to follow the deadline.

According to section 7(2) of Bangladesh Private University Act (2010), these private universities were granted a temporary permit to operate which was valid for seven years.

After that, the institutions can apply for renewal of the temporary permit if fail to fulfil the conditions mentioned in section 9 within the period of the temporary permission. The government may renew the permission of the concerned private university for a period not exceeding five years subject to necessary enquiry.

Earlier, the UGC sent letter to the universities which did not move the permanent campuses after the expiry of the temporary permit.

The commission later decided to fix the time for the universities to respond till December 31.

Prof Bishwajit said, "Of the 23 universities many have claimed they are amid the shifting procedure and will shift by the deadline. We are assuming one or two universities will seek an extension of time for five to six months for construction of infrastructure as they have started a discussion regarding this with the UGC."

But other than that those who will fail completely to take any step regarding this, will not be allowed to admit more students in their education programmes in the coming year, he said.

"No private university will be spared for disobeying UGC's directives and compromising with the quality of education," the UGC member added.

According to UGC, from January 1, 2023 these 23 universities will be considered illegal for not fulfilling one of the conditions of temporary permit which is shifting to permanent campuses within the fixed period.

Hence, the commission will take further step against them under section 35 (7) of Bangladesh university Act, 2010.

So far, the government has given permission to 108 private universities in the country. Of these, 99 are currently operational.

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