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Medical students block Shahbagh roads, demand online classes

Representational image — UNB
Representational image — UNB

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Students in their hundreds from public and private medical colleges have blocked the Shahbagh traffic intersection in Dhaka city, demanding resumption of their classes online immediately.

They started the blockade around 11 in the morning on Sunday, also demanding that the authorities start their courses in due time to end the session jam triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Their other demands include not charging a private medical college student tuition fees for not more than 60 months in total.

Students say the authorities have been seeking tuition fees for months during the pandemic when no classes or exams took place, terming it inhumane during this crisis time.

It’s illogical to seek tuition fees for months when students have not given any service at all, they add.

Students from private and public medical colleges have in recent times taken to streets more than once to push for realising their demands.

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