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Mild heat wave sweeps across country: BMD

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Bangladesh, including its capital Dhaka, is experiencing high temperatures as a mild heat wave sweeps across the nation. A low-pressure system has also developed in the Bay of Bengal, causing seaports to hoist cautionary signal No. 3.

The highest temperature recorded in the country was 37.8 degrees Celsius in Mymensingh. The temperature in Dhaka was not far behind, standing at 37 degrees Celsius.

Rains had broken up the heat earlier in the season, but since it has dried up, temperatures have risen since July. The Bangla month of Bhadra is starting off hot too.

“A mild heat wave is sweeping through the country,” said meteorologist Kh Hafizur Rahman. “Temperatures have remained high throughout mid-August as there has been little rain. However, we expect some rain in a couple of days.”

The current heatwave will persist until Friday at least, but will be calmed by showers eventually.

A low-pressure area has developed in the northeast Bay of Bengal and is likely to intensify, he said.

The low has led to heavy cloud coverage and could lead to gusty winds in coastal areas. Chattogram, Cox’s Bazar, Mongla and Payra seaports have raised cautionary signal No. 3.

Bangladesh experienced a lengthy heat wave for much of July. The highest temperatures recorded across the country were 39 degrees Celsius in Rajshahi and Syedpur.

Several parts of the country may experience a mild heat wave, defined as 36-38 degrees Celsius, throughout the month, the Met Office says.

The heat wave started in the Gopalganj and Manikganj districts in Rajshahi, and the Rangpur, Mymensingh and Khulna Divisions on Wednesday. Syedpur recorded the highest temperature on the day – 37.5 degrees Celsius.

When the mercury reads between 38-40 degrees Celsius, meteorologists refer to it as a moderate heat wave. For temperatures above 40 degrees, it is referred to as an intense heat wave.

The highest temperature recorded this year was 41.2 degrees Celsius in Rajshahi in April. Dhaka’s record high of the year was 39.5 degrees Celsius.

According to the Bangladesh Meteorological Department’s 24-hour forecast, light to moderate showers, accompanied by a temporary gusty wind, is likely to occur in parts of the country. Moderately heavy to heavy rain is also expected in southern Bangladesh.

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