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Mobile court confiscates 16,000 undistributed books from school storeroom

| Updated: October 24, 2019 11:32:14

Mobile court confiscates 16,000 books from school storeroom

A RAB mobile court has confiscated 16,000 books meant for free distribution from a storeroom in Postogola Bhasha Prodeep High School in Dhaka.

The operation was conducted from 11:00pm on Tuesday to 2:00pm on Wednesday in the institution, said RAB’s Executive Magistrate Nizamuddin Ahmed.

The school received more books than necessary compared to the number of its students, said RAB-10 Deputy Captain Major Shahriar Ziaur Rahman. Almost 25,000 books were left undistributed, he added.

"Books are supposed to be returned to the board if not distributed. But that was not the case here. We have found a stock of almost 16,000 books in the school’s storeroom.”

Locals have alleged that the school authorities were selling the books at the rate of kilograms. They were caught in the act of transferring the books wrapped in polythene from the school in a van on Oct 19 by locals.

RAB then conducted a raid based on the allegations.

When asked about the matter, the school’s headmistress Afsana Mirza told reporters, “It is true that there have been irregularities. I admit to my wrongdoing.”

The books will be handed over to the district education officer, Magistrate Nizamuddin said. The entire matter will be investigated. We will recommend departmental action against those who are responsible for the incident.”

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