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Motorcycles on Padma Bridge unlikely before Eid, says official

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Cabinet Secretary Khandker Anwarul Islam said he does not believe that the Padma Bridge will be opened to motorcycles ahead of Eid.

"First we have to install artificial intelligence security cameras and speed guns," he said after a cabinet meeting on Sunday. "Then we will make a decision on motorcycles. But I do not think it will happen before Eid, reports

The Padma Bridge megastructure opened to traffic on June 26. Thousands flocked to the bridge on the first day to catch a glimpse.

Most of the traffic was on motorcycles, but there were cars, buses and trucks too. Two men died in a motorcycle accident on the bridge.

In order to avoid congestion and reduce risk, the bridge authority closed it to motorcycles until further notice.

Motorcyclists were hoping to have the ban lifted for Eid so they could make quicker trips from Dhaka to the southwestern districts.

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