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'My village my town' to offer civic amenities

| Updated: January 22, 2021 10:55:01

'My village my town' to offer civic amenities

The government decided on Wednesday to form cluster-wise committees to implement its 'My village my town' project, a venture to expand civic amenities in each of the villages.

The decision was taken during a meeting of the second inter-ministerial committee on implementing the project, held at the conference room of the Local Government division under the Ministry of Local Government, Rural Development and Co-operatives (LGRD and Co-operatives).

Earlier the government took a plan to turn all villages into townships equipped with all modern amenities featuring development balance between towns and villages.

LGRD and Co-operatives Minister Md Tajul Islam while presiding over the meeting said the cluster-wise committees at their meetings held regularly will place recommendations to the chairman of 'My village my town' project implementation committee.

He laid emphasis on working in a coordinated manner among the ministries concerned to render town-like services to the villagers.

He said presently different ministries area working separately to provide civic amenities at the villages.

The cluster-wise committees will take up more projects alongside other ongoing projects taken by different ministries to expand civic services in the villages or rural areas.

Asked when implementation of the 'My village my town' project will complete, the minister said this (my village my town) scheme is not the only one to ensure township facilities for the villagers.

He said different ministries have their own other projects to provide civic facilities to the villagers.

'My village my town' project simply signifies a coordination of all such projects under the ministries he said, adding as all the villages of the country are incorporated in the scheme, its completion will take vast time.

The minister said the Local Government division prepared a 'technical project' incorporating 15 villages to implement 'My village my town' project on trial basis.

State Minister for LGRD and Co-operatives Swapan Bhattarcharjee, senior secretaries and secretaries and engineers of different ministries were also present at the meeting.

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