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No consular service for those circulating anti-Bangladesh propaganda from Canada: High Commission

Will take action against propagandist media, money launderers and hundi traders, it says

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Bangladesh High Commission in Canada has urged all “peace-loving and patriotic Bangladeshi-Canadians to be cautious of those spreading anti-Bangladesh propaganda from Canada”.

In a notice released on November 28, 2022, the high commission in Ottawa, Canada said that individuals and media involved in anti-Bangladesh propaganda and activities and their promoters, supporters as well as money launderers, loan defaulters, and people engaged in “hundi trade” will not be provided any consular service.

The high commission noted that some media and individuals have been engaged in anti-Bangladesh propaganda for long. It particularly mentioned an online TV and its owner in Montreal.

A number of money launderers, loan defaulters, convicts and accused and “hundi traders” have been found involved in spreading rumours and propaganda against Bangladesh, the notice said. 

Such anti-Bangladesh activities are being monitored and concerned authorities will be notified for proper action in this regard if needed, the high commission in Canada further said.

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