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Nonpayment of bill frustrates Magura jute growers, traders

| Updated: July 01, 2020 15:48:05

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MAGURA, June 30: Nonpayment of bill is frustrating Magura jute growers and traders.

Traders and Bangladesh Jute Mills Corporation (BJMC) sources informed, at present four purchasing centres of BJMC are there in Magura district. BJMC owes about Tk 100 million (10 crore) to Magura jute growers and traders. Traders and growers are staging demonstration repeatedly for payment of their outstanding bill. But their crying falls on deaf ears.

Recently traders have taken back jute- made goods from BJMC as the latter failed to pay bill in cash. But by selling the jute goods in the market traders incurred huge loss as the price of the goods was 20 per cent less compared to that was fixed by the BJMC.

Uday Shaha, a jute trader in Notun Bazar area of Magura town told this correspondent that he had facing financial consraints due to nonpayment of his bill amounting to about Tk 10 million (one crore. "I was compelled to take back jute goods worth Tk 05 million (50 lakh) from BJMC centre as BJMC failed to pay in cash. But I have got only Tk 04 million (40 lakh) by selling the jute goods in the market. I am still now suffering for nonpayment of bill of Tk 05 million (50 lakhs). I took a loan of Tk about 04 million (40 lakh) from bank to supply jute to BJMC. The bank authority is repeatedly pressuring me to repay the loan". But how shall I pay the loan, he posed a question?

Another jute grower Tipu Sultan of Kashinathpur area in Magura town said, "I supplied jute worth about Tk 12 million (one crore 20 lakh) to BJMC purchase centre in Notun Bazar of Magura town last year. BJMC paid me only Tk 02 million (20 lakh). My outstanding bill to BJMC is still now Tk 10 million (one crore). Now I am thinking not to supply jute to BJMC in the coming season.

When contact, Shafiqur Rahman, executive director of Palli Prokriti ( an agriculture based NGO) said this year jute cultivation has exceeded the target in the district. Jute was cultivated on 35350 hectares of land in the district while the target was set at 34085 hectares. As the weather is favourable a bumper production of jute may be achieved in the district this season. But non payment of bill by BJMC may cause a negative impact on jute price in the coming season. Traders may be discouraged to purchase jute from farmers in next season. Consequently jute price may fall abnormally in the coming season causing huge loss to the growers.

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