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Padma Bridge cannot be crossed on foot

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Only those vehicles that have their toll finalised can use the Padma Bridge, according to Md Shafiqul Islam, the project director of the massive infrastructure effort that is to be inaugurated on Jun 25, reports 

“Crossing the bridge on a bicycle or on foot is not an option," Shafiqul said in response to a question, adding that anyone wishing to cross has to use a vehicle listed for the toll.

Buses will have to pay Tk 2,400, Tk 2,000, or Tk 1,400, depending on the number of seats. Microbuses will have to pay Tk 1,300, pickup vans Tk 1,200, cars Tk 750 and motorbikes Tk 100 each.

For freight vehicles, the toll was set at Tk 1,600 for trucks up to 5 tonnes in weight, Tk 2,100 for trucks between 5-8 tonnes, Tk 2,800 for trucks between 8-11 tonnes, Tk 5,500 for trucks with three axles and Tk 6,000 for trailers with up to four axles.

If the trailer exceeds four axles, an additional Tk 1,500 will be added to the toll per axle.

The toll will be implemented when the bridge opens to the public, a ministry notice said on Tuesday. 

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