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Padma Bridge rakes in second-highest toll in a single day

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Padma Bridge has collected its second-highest toll revenue in a single day amid the Eid travel surge.

As many as 44,033 vehicles crossed the bridge on Friday after paying nearly Tk 48.23 million in tolls.

According to the portal of the Bridges Division on Saturday, a total of 44,033 vehicles used the bridge on Friday. Of these, 28,896 vehicles crossed from the Mawa end, while 15,137 vehicles travelled towards Dhaka from the Janjira end.

In addition to bridge maintenance, the revenue from toll collection totalled approximately Tk 27.32 million at the Mawa end, including ETCS and credits, and about Tk 20.82 million at the Janjira end.

The previous record for the highest toll collection in a day was set on Apr 9 this year when nearly Tk 49.07 million was collected after a total of 45,204 vehicles crossed the bridge.

The previous second-highest record was on Jun 27 last year when roughly Tk 46.05 million was collected, with a total of 43,137 vehicles crossing the bridge.


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