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PM for withdrawal of sanctions against Russia

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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Thursday called upon the US and its allies to shun the path of imposing sanctions saying that the world economy, already hard-hit by Covid and Ukraine war, is now reeling under the impact of sanctions imposed on Russia.

She said that the global supply chain is heavily disrupted due to the sanction, resulting in triggering crisis for essential commodities across the world.

Suggesting withdrawal of sanctions, she observed that no nation can be controlled through imposing sanctions and it is evident now that those who imposed the sanction are also facing the impact of it.

The prime minister was addressing a function organised to mark the inauguration of the new eight-storied office building of the Foreign Ministry.

“It is unfortunate that the entire world is in risk economically due to the war between Russia and Ukraine, and people across the world is affected, their condition is worsened.”

“On top of that the sanctions imposed by America, causes severe constraints for supply of commodities we import,” the prime minister said adding that it raises transportation costs and limits the area of sourcing. 

Not only Bangladesh, the people of the whole world, including Europe and America, are suffering due to the impact of sanctions, she felt.

The USA and the developed nations should realise that sanctions imposed by them are causing great havoc for people of their country also, she noted.

You want to punish some people of a country by imposing this sanction but general people are being more affected than them.

And people of all country including rich and lower income country are suffering from this sanction.

The war and sanctions pose a serious challenge to our economy at a moment when we are on the path of the post-pandemic recovery, she observed.

Foreign Minister Dr AK Abdul Momen also spoke on the occasion.

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