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PM seeks explanation about fake Covid-19 test reports

| Updated: July 10, 2020 20:47:16

PM seeks explanation about fake Covid-19 test reports

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has sought explanation about how Regent Hospital was able to issue fake Covid-19 test reports amid the pandemic, Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal has said, bdnews24.com reports.

The home minister hopes the law enforcement will be able to catch Mohammad Shahed alias Shahed Karim, the chairman of Regent Hospital, over the scam.

Kamal said he told Hasina that he had no knowledge of what was happening at Regent when the prime minister asked him about the development on Thursday.

Shahed had emerged as a “champion” when he dedicated two branches of the hospital, now sealed off, for Covid-19 treatment, the home minister told the news agency.

Kamal had even sent coronavirus patients to the hospital for treatment. Some of them recovered while an Awami League leader named ‘Tapan’ died.

“He [Shahed] will face punishment if the charges are proved,” Kamal said. “There is no escaping from the law if someone does anything wrong,” he added.

Shahed called Kamal when the Rapid Action Battalion launched the raids on the hospital branches on July 06.

“I told him that he must’ve done something wrong. Otherwise, the law enforcement would not seal the hospital off,” Kamal said.

A top RAB official, requesting anonymity and citing intel, said Shahed could not flee Bangladesh.

Multiple teams were working in and outside Dhaka to arrest him, the RAB official said.

Abdul Baten, the deputy commissioner of the police’s Detective Branch, said they were also trying to gather information about Shahed.

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