PM urges public representatives to attain trust of people

Published: May 27, 2019 16:22:24 | Updated: May 28, 2019 09:30:50

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Monday asked the public representatives to attain trust and confidence of people to have the opportunity to serve them repeatedly.

"You're the public representatives as people cast their votes. You have to win their trust and confidence...you've responsibilities and duties to them," she said.

The Prime Minister was speaking at the oath-taking ceremony of the newly-elected Mayor of Mymensingh City Corporation Ekramul Haque Titu and its 44 new ward councillors, including councillors from reserved seats at her office, reports UNB.

Sheikh Hasina said if anyone does politics to gain personal interests that politics cannot be sustainable or bring anything good for people.

"If you work for people, in the interest of people and if you can win their hearts, then you'll see people putting their trust and confidence in you, and they'll repeatedly give you the opportunity to serve them," she said.

Sheikh Hasina, also the chief of the ruling Awami League, expressed her profound gratitude to the people of the country for giving her another chance to serve them.

The goal of the government, she said, is to materialise the aim of the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman to turn the country into Golden Bengal.

Hasina said the government has already announced 2020-21 as 'Mujib Year' and decided to celebrate it through reducing poverty further.

She mentioned that the government has prepared Delta Plan 2100 for the future generation of the country and signed an agreement with the Netherlands government to implement that.

The government is setting up 100 economic zones across the county and already selected places for 80 economic zones, Hasina said adding that the aim of this move is to restrict the setting up of industries indiscriminately ruining the cropland.

After implementation of these economic zones, the country will move towards industrialisation further with job creation, the Awami League chief said.

The Prime Minister said if the country could manage the 90 per cent of its development budget from internal resources, then there will be no need of begging from others.

She also said the country will produce its own food grains to feed its own people. "We won't go for begging for food grains, we'll produce our own food grains, we'll live with our own dignity...this was the dream of the Father of the Nation. We'll materialise that."

The Prime Minister asked the public representatives to look after the development programmes in their respective areas so that those could be implemented properly.

"You must ensure that the people of your areas are getting happy with the development programmes," she said.

She also asked them to make people aware about terrorism, militancy and drugs as these social menaces destroy a family, society and country.

The Prime Minister vowed to build a corruption-free country.

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