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PMO cuts expenditures for electricity

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The Prime Minister's Office (PMO) has cut about half of the costs for electricity and entertainment as well as one-fourth cost of fuel.

From June to September 2022, electricity, fuel, and entertainment expenditures were reduced by 46.84 per cent, 23.34 per cent, and 45.86 per cent respectively.

Also, the PMO returned TK 264.3 million from the parliamentary budget for FY23 by reducing allocations to other sectors, reports UNB.

Ahsan Kibria, director general (administration) of the PMO, said the PMO has been working on cutting costs since the country's mass vaccination campaign began.

"PM Hasina instructed us to cut expenses and allocate that to the Health Ministry. "We worked on further reducing expenses after the Russia-Ukraine war began," he said.


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