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BNP envious seeing good relations with other countries under AL: Hasan

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Foreign Minister Hasan Mahmud said on Saturday that they want to take the country forward by maintaining good relations with everyone and Bangabandhu's daughter Sheikh Hasina has been following that policy very successfully.

"Seeing the country's good relations with other countries, BNP feels jealousy,'" he said.

The minister made the remarks while addressing a Journalist Conference and Cultural Program organized by BFUJ-Bangladesh Federal Union of Journalists Chittagong Division at Bangabandhu Hall of Chittagong Press Club on Saturday night as the chief guest.

He said after the PM's recent visit to India, BNP started saying that AL had sold the country to India. Now after coming from China, they might say, she has sold the country to China too.

Now my question to BNP is how many times can the country be sold?

Dr Hasan Mahmud said the main motto of our diplomacy is friendship to all, malice to none, and we have been doing that very successfully."

"Our Prime Minister visited India recently and now she is going to visit China. We have very good relations with China just like India. Just as we have a very good relationship with Russia, we also have very good relations with the United States," he stated.

He said that as we are maintaining good relations with our close neighbor India who contributed to our great liberation war, those who were not with us during the liberation war are also helping us, maintaining good relations with us, and contributing to our development.

"This is the success of our foreign policy. Many people including BNP pretend not to understand this," Hasan Mahmud added.

He said that Sheikh Hasina and her government do not bow down to anyone, this should be remembered. It doesn't matter what Rizvi Saheb said in a sullen mood, Gayeshwar Babu said in a relaxed mood, and Mirza Fakhrul Saheb spoke like an illiterate despite being educated.

"We want to take the country forward by protecting the dignity of the state, maintaining good relations with everyone and the Prime Minister is doing so," he further stated.

Stating that the media plays a vital role in managing the state and society, he said journalists act as the conscience of society and open the third eye of society so that society can lead in the right direction. So, the development progress and prosperity of Bangladesh, the improvement of the standard of life of every person, should be reflected in the media.

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