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BNP to put up resistance against lopsided polls: Rizvi

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BNP will put up a strong resistance like the Great Wall of China if the government tries to play a game with the upcoming national election.

Senior joint secretary general of BNP Ruhul Kabir Rizvi made the remarks at a press conference at the party's Nayapaltan central office on Sunday.

"People won't allow the government to hold a voter-less and one-sided election like the 2014 one without the participation of Khaleda Zia," he said.

The BNP leader also said some of ruling party leaders' recent remarks manifested that they have already finalised their blue print to hold a 'stage-managed' election.

"We would like to clearly say that a resistance like the Great Wall of China, not like a barbed-wire fence, will be put up if the government tries to play a game with the national election," Rizvi said.

He also said their party will not only turn down a lopsided election, but also thwart it together with people.

"People, including youths and professionals, won't allow anyone to continue the rule of a person through one-sided polls," Rizvi said.

Making clear their party's stance on the 11th parliamentary election, the BNP leader said they will join the polls if their four conditions are fulfilled.

The conditions say that Khaleda will have to get chance to lead BNP; election must be free, fair and inclusive; and under a non-party supportive government and Sheikh Hasina must resign from the post of Prime Minister.

According to UNB, Rizvi said the Prime Minister is trying to establish her absolute power with the help of police.

"But democracy-loving people won't let her materialise the dream," he said.

He also said Awami League's all plots will be foiled as people are ready to take to the street venting their pent-up anger against the 'misrule, plundering and repressive acts' of the government.

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