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Budget not only anti-people but also anti-Bangladesh: Fakhrul

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Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir termed on Sunday the proposed budget for the fiscal year (FY) 2024-2025 not only as anti-people but also anti-Bangladesh.

He also said the government has no moral rights to give budget as it has been clinging to power without public mandate.

"An unelected government without public mandate has been holding power years after years. The government that staged a dummy election by violating constitution and laws has no moral rights to give budget," said the BNP secretary general at a press briefing for giving the party's official reaction on the budget at the party chairperson's Gulshan office in the capital.

"People are the source of power whereas these people couldn't cast their votes. This government is an illegal government without real public representation. The proposed budget for FY 2024-2025 is just a crafted tool to exploit the poor people of the country," he said.

"This budget of this looter government is just for some oligarchs, who are not only stealing but also doing business, and they are involved in formulating policy as well as governing the whole country," he said.

"The country is now on the verge of bankruptcy. This budget is an imaginative fanus. This budget is standing on a depleted economy," he added.

"These oligarchs have looted the resources that are required for (formulating) a budget. The oligarchs with the government's shelter and protection have taken huge taka loans and thus made the banks zero. The lion's share of the money was siphoned off abroad," he said.

Mr Fakhrul said that depositors could not encash cheques against their deposited money in the banks.

"An unprecedented level of frustration has now gripped people. This frustration is not visible among the backed and beneficiaries and novorich. They (novorich) are in a well condition by sucking blood of the general people," he added.

Mirza Fakhrul said that the country has even less foreign currency reserve for fulfilling import expenses for three months.

The BNP secretary general also said that a stalemate has been created in the business sector over the prevailing dollar crisis. He said that a big portion of the budget will go for payment of debts.

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