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CPD has no statement over happiness index, says Hasan Mahmud

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Criticising research works of local think tank Centre for Policy Dialogue (CPD), Information and Broadcasting Minister Hasan Mahmud has said the CPD did not give any statement over the recently-published World Happiness Report.

The minister said, “The CPD tries to pose as wise by circulating miss information and CPD is one of the organisations which have no statement over the happiness index.”

It is mentionable that, the CPD presented a report styled 'Skyrocketing Prices Amid Stable Inflation?' on Sunday.

The World Happiness Report 2021, which was released on Friday, showed Bangladesh has moved up seven notches on the Happiness Index ahead of India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar.

Referring to the report of CPD, the minister said, “I was very astonished to see the report of CPD.”

Addressing a discussion at Jatiya Press Club (JPC) on Monday, Hasan Mahmud Bangladesh has moved up seven notches on the Index of the World Happiness Report of the United Nations, despite the continuous propaganda of the BNP, reports BSS.

Hasan said, "Not only BNP but there is also another group who thinks that they are very wise."

“The positions of India and Pakistan are behind Bangladesh. Our position is in 94th while India’s position is in 136th and Pakistan’s position is in 126th. But, they have no statement about this. They were not beside the countrymen during the Covid-19 pandemic. Even, the group was not seen during any cyclone or crisis. But, they often publish reports,” he added.

The minister said, in fact, the CPD doesn’t carry out any research works rather they publish reports which are politically motivated.

The prices of all essentials have increased in Europe and even the price of bread has increased 80 per cent, he added.

He said the prices of all food products have increased in the United States also while prices of all commodities have increased across the globe including India and Pakistan due to Covid-19 and the war.

“The prices of commodities have also increased a little bit in Bangladesh, but less than those countries,” he added.

He said prices of some daily essentials, which are mainly import-based, have increased.

“The government has started to give those essentials through cards among 10 million people so that they could buy low prices,” he added.

He said, “They have no other works except finding faults. They don’t like it as the people are happy.”

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