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Gayeshwar says BNP’s ongoing rallies are just ‘rehearsals’ for ‘final movement’

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BNP senior leader Gayeshwar Chandra Roy on Wednesday said their party’s ongoing rallies are just rehearsals for the ‘final' movement to oust the Awami League government.

"Obaidur Quader (AL Secretary General) often says we have no strength to wage a movement…why do you talk so much? This is just a rehearsal and our leaders and workers have not started the final movement yet," he said.

Speaking at a rally, the BNP leader called upon party leaders and workers to keep their current 'fearless' spirit to initiate an all-out movement in the days to come, reports UNB.

“The way you are waking up and bravely standing up before police instead of running away, just keep it up,” he said.

Mirpur zone of Dhaka north city unit arranged the rally on a road near Mirpur-6 kitchen market protesting the price hike of fuel, daily essentials and the killing of three opposition leaders in Bhola and Narayanganj in police firing.

Gayeshwar, a BNP standing committee member, said their party leaders and activists will not return home from the streets without ensuring the voting rights of the people. “Those who sacrificed blood in the movement will not go in vain. We’ll restore democracy through the sacrifice of blood.

He said the freedom fighters who liberated Bangladesh through a war would not allow anyone to run the country in a despotic manner. “We’re on a movement not to go to power, but to free people from the chains of autocratic rule.”

The BNP leader also called upon his party colleagues to get ready for a hit back if they are attacked by their political opponents.

He also urged the law enforcers to discharge their responsibilities impartially.

 “We call upon the democratic world to stand by the people who are on a movement. We seek your support as members of the democratic world for the restoration of democracy and our right to vote. You don't have to bring anyone to power. Let people decide who will be there in power,” Gayeshwar said.

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