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GM Quader for mega projects to improve healthcare

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Jatiya Party Chairman GM Quader on Tuesday urged the government to make adequate allocations in the upcoming budget for taking mega projects to improve the country's healthcare system.

"Mega projects need to be implemented to improve Bangladesh's healthcare system. The implementation of mega projects in the health sector has become imperative considering the humanitarian aspects and people's basic rights," he said.

In a statement, GM Quader said, "People want to see an outline and necessary allocations in the upcoming budget for implementing mega projects in the health sector."

He said the ICU facilities must be ensured in public hospitals in every district of the country to save people's lives.

The Jatiya Party chief said necessary steps should be taken for ensuring the facilities for all types of medical tests in all the government hospitals, including the upazila health complexes.

"All the hospitals should have adequate beds with the facility of free supply of medicines. The necessary number of doctors, nurses and technologists should be recruited as soon as possible," he observed.

GM Quader said the coronavirus pandemic has exposed how helpless even the developed world when it comes to healthcare systems.

"So, better treatment facilities must be ensured in the country. If we can do that, no one will have to go abroad for treatment. It'll save people's time and money in addition to ensuring the basic rights of ordinary people," he added.

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